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What makes a company qualified to service my pool?

In the state of California there is no training, or trade/contractor license required to service pools. This
means that anybody with a net and a pole can advertise this service. Many have no license, insurance, or formal training. When searching for a company to entrust with your investment and your home make sure to verify that they are qualified. We have more than 20 years experience in the pool industry as well as insured, licensed, and many other qualifications. To see more check out our
about page.

Will I save money if I service the pool myself?

No! For many reasons servicing your own pool is not necessarily cheaper. Water samples taken to chain pool supplies stores do not have enough information to properly diagnose, and prescribe chemicals for your pool. There for it is very easy to oversell chemicals and over or under treat your pool. This can lead to larger problems of unbalanced water that can be aggressive becoming to acidic or too alkaline and can cause etching or scaling that have costly effects on your plaster and pool equipment. To learn more about effects of unbalanced water click here.

Does my pool need to be serviced in the winter time?

Absolutely! It is very important that your pool maintain balanced water throughout the winter months. Water that is not balanced can become aggressive and cause etching or scaling that will cost you more due to damage to surfaces and equipment.

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